ACT Curious Employee Assistance Program

Enriching Lives at Home and at Work

ACT Curious Employee Assistance Program seeks to empower and engage employees in making healthy lifestyle choices by providing your company with the tools & knowledge to create a healthy supportive working environment. Our approach will result in positive impacts on your employees personal life, mental health, co-worker relationships, strengthening how people deal with stress and work related issues.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

ACT enables employees to use a range of techniques that allow them to ACCEPT what is out of their personal control, and COMMIT to action that improves and enriches their lives.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This ground-breaking program is available as an Employee Assistance program for you as a business owner, your employees, and even their children if desired.

Who can benefit from these programs?

Any sole trader, small to medium business or blue chip company can benefit from our tailored Employee Assistance Programs. We offer our services across Australia to hospitals, municipalities and businesses of all kinds.

Boost your Bottom Line by investing in your team

With our empirically-based, proven strategies you can expect to see considerable improvements in your productivity levels which will ultimately be reflected in your profit line.

As an employer you may be aware that your employees are not functioning as well as they could be.

Reasons can include:
Stress (job or home related)
Grief or loss
Relationship / family problems
Workplace problems
…and a whole lot more.

Although ACT is hugely beneficial for employees suffering from high levels of psychological distress, it is also remarkably helpful for those reporting ‘normal’ levels of mental health. In fact, reports show that employees who are trained in ACT develop better mental health and become far more productive as a result.

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What results can you expect with ACT Curious EAP?

Increased productivity.
Improved overall mental health.
Happier, more focused employees.

Contact ACT Curious EAP today for an Obligation-free, confidential 15 minute assessment
to learn how our Employee Assistance Programs will benefit your Business.

Our Services

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What Our Clients Say

I can’t speak highly enough of the assistance we have received from Michelle and her associates since we partnered with ACT Curious for our Employee Assistance Program. I regularly receive unsolicited and positive feedback from our people who have accessed this program.

Their professionalism, prompt assistance, discretion and sincerity ensures that our team members can receive timely and appropriate assistance to manage both personal and workplace issues.

I strongly endorse the services of ACT Curious and highly recommend them to any other organisation that is serious about effectively incorporating EAP into their People & Culture strategy.

Lisa Madden,
Group Manager,
People & Culture, McPherson Media Group

Our EAP program with Michelle has proved to be an invaluable resource for our company. We have, on numerous occasions, referred employees to Michelle for various problems with fantastic outcomes both on a personal and professional level. The feedback from our employees has always been very positive. We genuinely appreciate the efforts by Michelle and her team and we feel that the investment in our people through our association with her has proven extremely beneficial.

Meg Nunn
HR Manager at M&S Group

Want to work with us?

ACT Curious EAP are always on the lookout for kind, caring and compassionate, ACT Social Workers and Psychologists to expand our team’s reach across Australia.