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Confidence – “the feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities” Sounds simple, doesn’t it!  All I have to do is appreciate my abilities or qualities and I’ll have the self-assurance I need to do all the things I want to do in order to live the life I want to live…to be the person I … Read More

PTSD – Can you recognise the Symptoms?

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At ACT Curious EAP we are seeing nurses, doctors, police and emergency service staff working in a culture of it’s okay to not be okay. In all emergency service areas, frontline workers are exposed to traumatic events on a regular basis and necessarily develop good coping skills. This means that a key indicator of post-traumatic stress, exposure to trauma, is … Read More

Seven Step Test – Is Your EAP Provider Meeting Your Needs?

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Businesses need to have confidence their employees are happy and well, they are ok, they need to have confidence the employee assistance provider is meeting all their needs. A business owner might only stop and think about this question after something has happened – effectively after the horse has bolted. Try this simple seven step test before the horse bolts. … Read More

Is Your Business too Small to have an EAP Provider?

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Starting a small business is continuous work – ask me I know!  Weekends blur into weekdays and you become accustomed to telling yourself you will stop and review where you are at as soon as you can get a break. But the risk of stopping keeps outweighing the benefit, so you don’t. Not stopping becomes easier the longer you don’t … Read More

The Domino Effect

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I started ACT Curious EAP Services because I was seeing people struggle to keep their heads up when the world seemed determined to drown them. Businesses were losing their edge because employees weren’t happy. You can see the domino effect: when your employees are happy, something wonderful happens: There are more creative ideas – employees are more engaged and innovative. … Read More

Bully, Personality Disorder – Do you need the label?


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The important thing is knowing whether your workplace is unhappy, and, knowing how to identify and address the causes. Tell tale signs of an unhappy workplace are staff withdrawing from social encounters, increasing their use of personal leave and more frequent resignations. One individual’s actions can undermine staff members’ ability to engage and enjoy work, they may feel isolated, like … Read More

15 Things Mindful People Do Differently


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Mindfulness is a skill you can learn and use every day, at any time. Very simply… Mindfulness is the ability to know what is happening in your mind without reacting to it. According to expert Jon Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness “is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally….It’s about noticing what is on your mind.” Countless … Read More

7 Tips to be More Mindful at Work


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Being mindful of the present moment is key to staying connected to your inner self and maintaining a positive outlook. Improve your performance at work and boost your mental health with mindfulness. Here are seven tips to help you to be more mindful at work. Positive thoughts Start every morning with helpful, positive thoughts. Remember, you have a choice what … Read More