What the best managers know how to do


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Recognition, reward, praise! Research proves that high levels of recognition and praise correlates with: Higher retention Higher productivity Higher customer satisfaction In fact, 88% of workers cite lack of recognition as their No 1 work issue.  This doesn’t mean being artificial or stretching the truth. Regular feedback and using coaching skills to help employees understand not only what the job … Read More

Are you good enough?


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Does this question makes you nervous? then keep reading. Are you pretending you are good enough but find yourself constantly working harder to prove it? Sometimes can you not even start something because you’re so worried about failing?. If so it’s likely that you’re a perfectionist. It can lead to procrastination, anxiety, addiction and is linked to a whole range … Read More

Is perfection your enemy?


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We’ve all heard it, perfection is the enemy of good but do you know perfectionism is the enemy of good health? Are you addicted to perfection, a perfectionist? Does your need for perfection bring you to a standstill or drive you into a frenzy? It’s time to acknowledge it, to take action to overcome your addiction. The consequences of this addiction … Read More

A Longer Life – Another Benefit of Aerobic Activity


Aerobic Activity

We all know that aerobic fitness is a fundamental of living well. Did you know that cardio fitness is linked to a longer life? A study by JAMA Network Open (results were published online Oct. 19, 2018) of over 120,000 people (59% of them men) over 14 years proved that increased cardio fitness levels were directly associated with longer lives. … Read More

Personal Wellness = Organisational Wellness


Personal Wellness

Personal Wellness – Whatever else you might think is true, what is beyond doubt, is that an organisation is only as well as its employees. First you have people, second you have an organisation. Outstanding people make outstanding organisations.  Well, that’s not me I hear your little voice saying.  In fact, we are all outstanding the minute we take control … Read More

I don’t want to take medication for depression.


Medication for Depression

Natural antidepressants are very successful in treating and managing mild depression and being a preventative for people at risk of depression. This could be through family history, previous episodes of depression, experience of stress or trauma and as a result of major unplanned changes in life circumstances. Always consult a doctor if you experience symptoms of depression, and, depending on … Read More

EAP PLUS is Critical for Well Workplaces


EAP PLUS for accomplishment-achievement

In spite of recently released data by Black Dog Institute I’m upbeat about the possibilities for healthy workplaces through EAP PLUS programs and related services such as mindfulness training. Black Dog Institute is possibly Australia’s best known not for profit organisation that works to reduce depression and other mental health concerns. Its recently released statistics about workplace illness are alarming. … Read More

EAP can Assist – Dealing with redundancy.


Dealing with redundancy

Dealing with Redundancy – The year is now almost at the end.  It has been a challenging year for both yourself and your staff and you are now facing your biggest challenge of them all…the challenge of having to let some staff go…and just before Christmas! Whilst you and your staff may have had an idea this change might be … Read More




Confidence – “the feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities”Sounds simple, doesn’t it!  All I have to do is appreciate my abilities or qualities and I’ll have the self-assurance I need to do all the things I want to do in order to live the life I want to live…to be the person I want … Read More

PTSD – Can you recognise the symptoms?



PTSD – At ACT Curious EAP we are seeing nurses, doctors, police and emergency service staff working in a culture of it’s okay to not be okay. In all emergency service areas, frontline workers are exposed to traumatic events on a regular basis and necessarily develop good coping skills. This means that a key indicator of post-traumatic stress, exposure to … Read More