As a manager are you on top of empathy?


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Are managers and team leaders responsible for empathy in the workplace? Or, is it just a happy accident resulting from the mix of characters in your workplace? If you are knowledgeable and proactive, then it will be an accident of employee engagement. Do you know of someone now that is struggling?  You don’t need to have been in their shoes … Read More

What happens at work happens at home; are your relationships suffering?


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The problem with unhappy workplace relationships is that it represents 40 hours a week (for most people) when they wish they were somewhere else. Unhappy workplace relationships result in good people finding a better place to work, some people working slower in order to avoid dealing with certain people, or have a lot of sick days. Workplace productivity declines, and … Read More

Spare a thought for millennials


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The modern workplace and workforces are coping with workplace structures that are almost guaranteed to cause stress. The gig economy, labour hire firms, constantly changing technology, self imposed expectations by millennial that you will know everything about technology, time sapping social media and a social world that is driven by multiple online connections. All of these drain the individual with … Read More

What are you waiting for – why don’t professionals invest in themselves?


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Why don’t professionals invest in their own mental health wellbeing. Why do you, as a professional, have to wait for a crisis before deciding to invest in your own preventative education. This ‘wait ‘til its urgent’ attitude is true for many people, but for professionals who work directly with other people, often helping professions, managing others, leading big groups, your … Read More

What the best managers know how to do


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Recognition, reward, praise! Research proves that high levels of recognition and praise correlates with: Higher retention Higher productivity Higher customer satisfaction In fact, 88% of workers cite lack of recognition as their No 1 work issue.  This doesn’t mean being artificial or stretching the truth. Regular feedback and using coaching skills to help employees understand not only what the job … Read More

Are you good enough?


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Does this question makes you nervous? then keep reading. Are you pretending you are good enough but find yourself constantly working harder to prove it? Sometimes can you not even start something because you’re so worried about failing?. If so it’s likely that you’re a perfectionist. It can lead to procrastination, anxiety, addiction and is linked to a whole range … Read More

Is perfection your enemy?


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We’ve all heard it, perfection is the enemy of good but do you know perfectionism is the enemy of good health? Are you addicted to perfection, a perfectionist? Does your need for perfection bring you to a standstill or drive you into a frenzy? It’s time to acknowledge it, to take action to overcome your addiction. The consequences of this addiction … Read More

A Longer Life – Another Benefit of Aerobic Activity


Aerobic Activity

We all know that aerobic fitness is a fundamental of living well. Did you know that cardio fitness is linked to a longer life? A study by JAMA Network Open (results were published online Oct. 19, 2018) of over 120,000 people (59% of them men) over 14 years proved that increased cardio fitness levels were directly associated with longer lives. … Read More

Personal Wellness = Organisational Wellness


Personal Wellness

Personal Wellness – Whatever else you might think is true, what is beyond doubt, is that an organisation is only as well as its employees. First you have people, second you have an organisation. Outstanding people make outstanding organisations.  Well, that’s not me I hear your little voice saying.  In fact, we are all outstanding the minute we take control … Read More

I don’t want to take medication for depression.


Medication for Depression

Natural antidepressants are very successful in treating and managing mild depression and being a preventative for people at risk of depression. This could be through family history, previous episodes of depression, experience of stress or trauma and as a result of major unplanned changes in life circumstances. Always consult a doctor if you experience symptoms of depression, and, depending on … Read More