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Are you worrying or concerned about an employee? Contact us to discuss our Pay As You Go – no retainer and flexible contracts, Employee Assistance Programs. Wanting instant information, chat with our Operations Manager Gina via our Live Chat.

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We help businesses and organisations improve the productivity of their management, employees and staff with results-driven mental health therapy and training.

Through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), we help employees increase their psychological flexibility by enabling them to overcome challenges and enhance their work and personal life.

Head Office

105 Balaclava Road, Shepparton, Victoria 3630, Australia
03 9346 8414 (Australia Wide)

Preston Office

261 High Street,
Preston, Victoria 3072, Australia
03 9346 8414 (Australia Wide)


Northcote Office

203 High Street,
Northcote, Victoria 3070, Australia
03 9346 8414 (Australia Wide)


Essendon Office

Level 1, Suite 14A, Edge Building, 80 – 82 Keillor Road,
Essendon, Victoria 3040, Australia
03 9346 8414 (Australia Wide)


St Marys Office

135 Daws Rd,
St Marys, South Australia 5042, Australia
03 9346 8414 (Australia Wide)