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Critical Incident Debriefing

ACT Curious Employee Assistance Programs have developed a formidable structure in the successful handling of any critical emergency. The development of adequate policies and strategy from a corporate level is most important when dealing with the impact of traumatic events upon staff’s mental health.

Critical Incident events and the impact upon an employees mental health, go well beyond the bounds of what is termed ‘day-to-day stress’, critical Incidents are always very intense situations for all involved. Dealing with highly problematic events in the workplace is always best to deal with head on, solving emotionally traumatic situations in staff immediately as to avoid long-term implications for individuals affected by critical incidents.

ACT Curious EAP critical incident management programs are designed to debrief and address your employees following severe critical incidents. ACT Curious EAP will talk through the ‘do’s and don’t’ of post traumatic stress disorders arising from emergencies, with specific support at group and individual levels whom have experienced exposure to trauma.