ACT Curious EAP Services

Our EAP Services can help in times of stress or crisis. Our team of dedicated professionals have over 30 years experience in improving employee mental health.

Based in Victoria, Australia we provide EAP counselling services, workplace wellbeing training and organisation management.


When an employee’s productivity drops below their usual standard, an employer can assume that there are hidden personal issues. It’s always in the employees best interest to address any issues they have before it spirals out of control. Read More

Workplace Well-Being

Work-related stress is one of the biggest health and safety challenges we face! Nearly one in four employees are affected. Between 50% and 60% of all lost working days are related. Employees are facing a higher workload, pressure and demands. Read More

Crisis & Organisation Management

Crisis events in the workplace can lead to uncertainty in the workplace. Crisis leads to major disturbances and can create significant issue with employees.Employees must not lose their focus during an organisational crises, it’s most imperative for staff to face a corporate crisis head-on with courage, confidence and a positive demeanor. Read More

Critical Incident Debriefing

ACT Curious Employee Assistance Programs have developed a formidable structure in the successful handling of any critical emergency. The development of adequate policies and strategy from a corporate level is most important when dealing with the impact of traumatic events upon staff’s mental health. Read More